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Birth Doula

What's a Doula?

A birth doula is someone who attends a woman in labour. They begin working with expecting families in pregnancy, support them through childbirth, and postnatally in the fourth trimester.

This might be your first baby and you may be wondering how this whole birth thing goes. A doula has knowledge and experience attending many different kinds of births and settings, who can help you have the best experience possible, by helping you understand your choices, at every step, and supporting you fully in your wishes.

You may have had a baby before, and knowing that birth is no small task, it would be advantageous to have another member on your team and interwoven into your plan-of-care.

I see doulas as sherpas to the intrepid explorer. We make sure you have everything needed. We help carry the baggage. We understand the changing terrains and how to navigate them. We have the experience and the stamina vital to things running as smoothly as possible. I anticipate your needs and quietly hold the space as you start on your journey to parenthood.

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How does it work?

If you're thinking about having a doula, we arrange an initial free 30 minute phone call, then if you'd like, we arrange to meet in person. That helps you get the information you need and then allows us both to see if we'd be a good fit to work together. Birth is as personal as it gets, and the most helpful aspect of how someone can be the best support person for you, is how comfortable, relaxed and safe you feel in their company. All of this is free. After which, you may decide you want to go ahead and book me as your doula. Then we can begin working together - so the earlier, the better!

What's in the price?

basic package starting at £1100

this includes:

2x prenatal meetings with massage treatments

1x postnatal meeting with massage treatment

Unlimited support via text or email

Being on call 24/7 from 38 weeks to attend to you in labour

Unlimited massage available throughout labour

A nourishing homecooked postnatal meal

Access to my library of books on pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Herbal support where needed

enhanced package starting at £1400

includes all the above plus at least:

1x additional prenatal meeting with massage treatment

1x additional postnatal meeting with massage treatment

for more support and bodywork before and after your birth

These are available on a sliding scale. If you feel that you are in a higher income bracket and wish to pay more for your chosen package, then please do as this funds me to support people with lower incomes.

If you want a doula but need a payment plan, this can be easily arranged. Vouchers are available and can be used as gifts from friends or family members for birth support services. If you are from a low income household and want birth doula support, get in touch so we can discuss your options. I am also open to skill trades if you think you might have something else to offer!

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